Holy Shift with Normis

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My experience working with Norma was amazing!  I had an introspective hypnosis session with Norma.  She walks you through the process and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I had experienced some similar types of guided work from other practitioners, but I can honestly say that I was the most relaxed and comfortable with Norma. She is so kind, patient and empathetic it makes the process go very smoothly!  Her work is also very powerful and I was able to see a past life experience as well as talk to two of my guides during the session.

I recommend Norma highly for this introspective hypnotic healing journey."
Norma helped me heal in ways I didn’t even know I needed to. I felt calm and extremely open during our session. She has a way of making you feel extremely relaxed and comfortable, as if you’ve known her all your life. I was an open book, and I am never normally that raw with my emotions. She helped me vocalize where I was feeling stuck in life and helped me navigate a strategy through those difficulties. I feel like I have the reins back in my life again. I realized I was giving too many people way too much of my energy, that I need to redirect for myself in manifesting a future I’m proud of and she helped me understand that I need to redirect that energy into only love.

Thank you for making me feel heard, validated, celebrated and stronger Norma. She truly has a beautiful gift! Thank you Norma!”
arlene s IH Client
I had the amazing opportunity to experience an Introspective Hypnosis session with Norma and I am so extremely grateful for the experience.  It was everything I could have expected (not that I knew exactly what to expect) plus wayyy more than I could have expected.  The safe space she creates and holds, the explanations she gives and the truly special experience she provides is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

If you have happened upon Norma's offering, take it as a sign and invest in this experience.  You won't regret it."
MEGAN B. IH Client